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Where is the Wisdom, Leadership, Management?

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| 3 September, 2010 | 0 Comments

Where is the Wisdom, Leadership, Management? The research conducted at Jasper International Academy seeks to set the agenda across a wide range of business disciplines. Our research areas are staffed by specialists whose work has had real influence in business, government, and the public sector. The emphases is on the development of innovative methodologies and frameworks to analyse issues of importance to business and policy decision-making.

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We are living in exponential times. Technology is moving so fast that it has been suggested that a for a student in the fourth year of a technology-based degree, the stuff he learned in the first year is out of date.

Another frightening factoid is that in the next year, the human race will generate as much data as in the previous 5000 years. There is also the issue that staff now routinely move jobs every 3-4 years, and that many technologists will have 10 jobs before they are 40. Individuals can gain experience, but how do you keep the experience in the business when the staff move so fast?

The pace of development is exponential. Does that leave enough time for individuals to develop the “Wisdom” to make the right decisions? What is Wisdom? One popular definition is that “Wisdom is the ability to optimally (effectively and efficiently) apply perceptions and knowledge and so produce the desired results.” Surely there is too little time to develop the wisdom, which comes from experience, or time spent on the job.

What businesses need is a virtual, all-seeing, corporate hive-mind to act as a wise continuity guy. The staff that come in to the organisation work with the “hive-mind” to see how we are doing the job today, make some improvements to the “hive-mind”, then move on. The next guy in the door finds out what worked and didn’t work last time, picks up the ball and runs with it.

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