Behavioural Risk Assessment

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Behavioural Assessment

Behavioural Assessment is a unique and proven online assessment methodology that measures the future risk to the delivery of your business objectives, drivers of performance and the balance of intended and unintended outcomes. Based on understanding what people actually do, not what they say they do or write down it provides a unique insight into what may happen rather than what already has. We can’t manage the past or correct it, we can’t ‘resurrect someone who has died’ or reverse a decision.

Our IT online platform facilitates the collection of information from all stakeholders as to how others behave, the complex reality in which we all work.

Its powerful automated analysis engine consistently understands the impact of each behaviour to present a risk profile to the future delivery of objectives, drivers of performance and outcomes. It makes what is currently invisible, visible, so that it can be managed, providing lead indicators of real risk allowing events to be managed before the potential risk becomes a reality.

The world is full of ‘if only we knew?’ comments. From BP, to the financial meltdown, to deaths in hospitals – these events challenge us all to make sure we assess and measure that which tells us our organisation isn’t going to be next. So stop auditing and ticking boxes about the past and what people say happens and start understanding the future and the impact of what people actually do.

We have the expertise know-how and technology to leaver real improvements in behavioural performance, quality and economic efficiency.

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