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Competence Based Talent Management (CBTM) System Deployment

Jasper International Academy are recognized as a leader in the field of competency-based Human Capital Management. As part of our ongoing company development we are now able to deploy some of the latest in competency and talent management solutions and systems.

The systems we use enable you to implement cost-effective competency based management across the full spectrum of HCM, from recruitment, selection and assessment processes, through learning, talent spotting and career development and includes performance management modules and succession planning. The technology we use is being used by organizations of all sizes and sectors around the world, to facilitate more effective application of Competency Based talent Human Capital Management.

Innovative technology capable of managing divers employee numbers from 20 to 150,000. Built around a common competency architecture, this innovative suite of Intranet / Internet enabled tools facilitates the strategic management of the whole employee life cycle, from pre-employment to retirement.

The system is available as a hosted web service, to small to medium sized businesses for a small monthly fee.

Available in an Enterprise Version, the tools can be easily tailored to reflect your unique organizational branding, structure and hierarchy of competencies, with report generation tailored to meet your specific reporting requirements.

Competence Based Talent Management CBTM System Deployment

From Pre-Hireing to Retirement: Strategic Management of the whole Employee Life Cycle

The five modules are designed to work with your existing HC infrastructure, and enable you to leverage that investment through strategic human capital management.

CBTM System ASP (from 10 to 1000 employees)

As a hosted web service the CBTM System is available to small to medium size businesses for a small monthly fee. The CBTM System has been tested on both Mozilla, Firefox1.x and Internet Explorer 8 and above.

The CBTM System requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better be installed in order to view reports..

All other CBTM System functionality is unaffected if Acrobat Reader is not available. No other special software is required.

CBTM System Enterprise (from 1000 to 150,000 employees)

The tools can be easily tailored to reflect your unique organisational branding, structure and hierarchy of competencies, with reports generation tailored to meet your specific reporting requirements.

Our goal is to help employers create measurable business results through the better management of their human capital.

Jasper International experienced team of human resource consultant’s help clients understand, develop, implement, and quantify the effectiveness of their human resource programs and policies. We offer a full spectrum of consulting, training and research services.

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