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Jasper Global Corporation Engagement Rules

The code of professional conduct behaviours to which all Associates and Partners are expected to subscribe in their working relationships with Jasper Internationals Clients, Strategic Partners, Partners and other Associates. The Engagement Standards are structured under 3 headings, i.e. 1) Relationships, 2) Performance and 3) Development. Within each of these headings the behaviours listed apply to engagement with Clients, Strategic Partners, Partners and other Associates as appropriate. Additional behaviours that relate specifically to Jasper Global Corporation’s Clients are indicated under sub headings as relevant

1) Relationship Behaviours

  • Recognise and value others’ capabilities and contributions
  • Respect own and others’ time commitment
  • Be open to, acknowledge & appreciate others’ views
  • Seek to comprehend others fully by ‘listening to understand’
  • Check for points of clarification as required
  • Encourage and practice constructive feedback by being open to receive and give both praise and supportive development
  • Keep commitments or explain fully if unable to meet these
Client Specific
  • Maintain client relationships and carry out assignments only within the auspices of Jasper Global Corporation and its brand, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Jasper Global Corporation.

2) Performance Behaviours

  • Communicate clearly, concisely and contextually
  • Share timely and accurate information with relevant others
  • Apply best practice to structure and process of meetings
  • Reflect on emotional impact of decisions and how these are communicated
  • Respect  copyright of all others’ material
  • Maintain confidentiality
Client Specific
  • Agree in writing a clear description of the work to be carried out
  • Only undertake work for which you have suitable qualifications, experience and competence
  • Focus on achieving agreed client assignment outcomes and priorities
  • Prioritise tasks & issues according to their value importance to the client
  • Manage assignments effectively and efficiently through careful planning, frequent progress reviews and effective controls
  • Discuss and agree in collaboration with Jasper International and the client any significant changes in the objectives, scope, anticipated benefits or any other aspects relating to client work which arise in the process of carrying out the assignment

3) Development Behaviours

  • Be open and honest in evaluating your own strengths and areas for development
  • Maintain personal and professional learning and development
  • Share best practice learning with others at every opportunity
Client Specific
  • Ensure that you are fully competent in the work you undertake on behalf of the client and Jasper Global Corporation.
  • You continually update your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • You maintain your Professional Memberships

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