Principle Based Leadership

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Building World Class Organisational Performance Through People

The world currently has a huge interest in the topic of leadership. Never have more books been written (and read), research projects commissioned, tenders raised and business schools established, than now.

The approach we use puts people at the heart of the changes necessary to deliver extraordinary Organisational Performance. However this is also impacted upon by issues related to ineffective Systems Thinking. Our 4 Stage consulting approach to Continuous Improvement is based on:

• Diagnosis: understanding the current reality

• Awareness: raising emotional commitment to the changes necessary

• Implementation: workshop learning using People, Teams and Organisational Leaders Programmes; Systems Alignment

• Acceleration: engagement of staff in raising organisational performance

Our Approach

Bringing Humanity Back to Work!

A unique opportunity to build a high performing organisation by working with instead of in spite of your employees

Benefits of the Approach

Imagine working for an organisation where:

• Work is somewhere that you explore and fulfill your potential

• You can’t wait to get to every day

• Some of your best friends are made

• You are proud of what you and your organisation achieve

• Excellence is encouraged and rewarded

• Second best is no longer good enough

• You are expected to contribute not just to your organisation’s success but also that of your community

• You and your organisation gain a growing reputation for the impact you have on a local, regional, national and global basis

Organisations that adopt our approach have delivered all this at the same time as reducing costs and maximising income!

Leadership the Future is Now!

At a time in society when we are experiencing such a significant shift in perspectives in how business should operate in the future, never has there been a better time to review the impact of leadership within your organisation. Organisations must be transformed in today’s climate in a way that engages with the people who need to be transformed and with the other stakeholders who will be on the receiving end of those transformations.

Our Approach is a new and innovative way of leading engagement of your people in their future prosperity and that of the organisation. Much research work has been undertaken in to how to develop the workforce but little effort has been spent in understanding the leadership neutralizers which inhibit or stop the achievement of the organisations strategic goals.

Leadership the productive and moral application of influence which inspires followers….

Page by Marshall Potts – Specialist Development Consultant. Marshall has written a number of articles on Strategy, Transformational Change, Corporate Values and Leadership Development.