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Business Model DNA

Strategic Business Model DNA


Business Model DNA is a collaborative visual strategic management modeling tool which allows us to develop and sketch out new or and enhance existing business models. There are many ways to conceptualize your business however building on the work of Osterwalder the Strategic Business Model DNA provides a single detailed comprehensive reference framework.

SBMDNA is our first business improvement tool of three and compliments our Dynamic Strategic and tactical Management System and Strategic Winning Insights.

Contact us and let Jasper International help you develop the DNA for your future business model.

The visual template covers ten critical areas that can easily describe your business:

  1. The Offering
  2. The Infrastructure
  3. The Customer
  4. The Finances

The Business Model DNA can be printed out on a large surface so groups of people or teams can jointly work together to sketch and discuss creative business models; the hands-on tool that fosters understanding, creativity and analysis.

Business Model DNA is a physical process of analyzing your current performance model and the exploring of new ideas.

The Business is considered by looking at:

Offering by considering the value proposition, the products and services a business offers Competitor analysis compares performance compared to competitors especially from the viewpoint of key customer segment

Infrastructure by considering the key activities, those activities necessary to execute the business model; key resources, those necessary to create value for customers and partner network, the business alliances which complement other aspects of the business model.

Customers by considering the customer segments, which target audience for products and services; customer channels, how we deliver key products and services and customer relationships including customer relationship management.
Finances by considering the Businesses cost structure and the revenue streams required.

Content Flexibility

Business Model DNA can be used for any business model or new venture planning activity, including for example, looking at:

  • new products
  • new revenue streams
  • new target customer segments
  • new business units
  • partnerships and strategic alliances

The Business Model DNA is flexible being easily amended to model and refine options and test alternative scenarios.

The Business Model DNA allows for the generation of different business models; to test different hypothesis and their impacts across the business as well as a way to model the results once each option has been tested and measured.

Trusted Advisors

Business Model DNA is commonly used with the help of our trusted advisors who can independently help the team create and agree an initial plan and can subsequently offer strategic advice and insight as well as the tools to convert the model into a tactical plan and measure ROI and subsequent deployment and performance outcomes.

Business Model DNA Benefits

The key benefits of the Business Model DNA tool for any organisation can be summarized as follows:

Business Model DNA:

    • Can be used as a focus for management & owners to address key strategic issues and challenges facing the business.
    • Enables the creation of a robust strategy with minimum impact on time

Allows the understandable development and consideration of options for the business in terms of:

  • products
  • revenue streams
  • customers
  • business units
  • partnerships and alliances
  • Is a focus for ensuring the business will make best use of USP, competitive advantage and achieve its business goals.
  • Is inclusive, interactive and visual so all can be involved in the whole design process.
  • Allows people to see the impact of change in any one area, customer channels or areas such as key activities.

Allows scenario planning in four critical areas:

  • Customers
  • Trends
  • Competitors
  • Macro Environmental
  • Moves strategy from the boardroom to the business and shapes the future.

Business Model DNA – From Idea to Integrated Strategy

A strategic management tool developed to sketch out new or enhance existing business models. A visual process which uses ten key business model building blocks. To get your team together to consider current and possible business models may seem like something to avoid but ultimately it is the only way to ensure your business is on the path to success.