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Strategic Winning Insights


What is DSTMS?

DST MAPP is a collaborative visual planning process that provides a simple and effective way to plan any business activity. Regularly used to develop top-level strategies, DSTM can also be applied to any multi-decision process where ownership of implementation is dispersed and hard to monitor.

The three main reasons that planning fails are:


  1. Lack of commitment and buy-in
  2. Poor communication
  3. Insufficient tracking


DSTM addresses each of these issues directly, enabling planning teams to collaborate throughout the process using a common interface. DSTM explicitly links strategic planning to tactical implementation which reduces delivery risk.

DSTM is our second business improvement tool of three and compliments our Business Model DNA.

Contact us and let Jasper International help you bring into visual perspective your business.

Who Uses It?

DSTM already has a network of hundreds of organizations and trusted advisers who use the system.

As a DSTM content provider, one of the most challenging tasks is the process of getting your knowledge out of your head (or wherever else it is stored) and captured. The DSTM process focuses on breaking up your experience and knowledge of a complex process into smaller, easy to access, steps that can be understood by someone else who does not have your insight.

What Does It Do?

We recommend that as a first step you create a primary level of content which will involve identifying the name of the step and then giving it a short description of a couple of sentences and asking a single question of the reader. There are two other levels of detail you can progress to once you are happy with the first step. There is no rule as to how many decisions make up an ideal content set. Some sets have up to 100 decision steps and others less than 30.

How does DSTM Work?

DSTM is both a physical and a digital planning system. In its physical form DSTM allows a team to build a plan together around a table, allocating responsibility and agreeing key steps together. DSTM splits any planning activity down into its component parts, focuses the team on addressing each of the components in turn and then enables them to construct a new workable plan from only those components that are relevant to their situation.

DSTM Online!

With the new plan created, DSTM, in its digital form, provides the team with web-based access to an online version of the plan where each person can view the tasks allocated to them and update progress. Securely hosted on the web and accessible via a web browser, the team can all have access to the same plan at the same time from anywhere, facilitating better communication and ensuring accountability and transparency. The team manager can see at a glance what progress has been made and what areas of the plan need attention.

  • DSTM Start Up has been created to help start ups of all kinds to develop simple, quick and effective plans.
  • Using the experience and knowledge of hundreds of companies who have gone through the process before, DSTM Start Up asks you all the questions you will need to answer as you start out.
  • Using DSTM Start Up you will rapidly be able to create and communicate your plan and then monitor its implementation whoever you are collaborating with.
  • DSTM Growth is focused on assisting organizations with significant growth ambitions that need to have a solid and flexible plan as they transform to meet new challenges.
  • DSTM Growth involves all the key players in the organisation in creating an agreed and deliverable plan which can be regularly reviewed and modified as the environment changes.
  • DSTM Growth helps you keep a close eye on what has, as well as what still needs to be achieved.
  • DSTM Corporate is used by a wide range of corporations that are looking to formalize, communicate and monitor key processes within their organizations.
  • In areas as diverse as Care Pathway mapping through to franchise implementation, DSTM Corporate provides a simple and quick way to view progress, interrogate evidence and ultimately audit any complex and high value process that the organisation has undertaken using a standard browser.

Content Flexibility!


DSTM can be used for any planning activity with content drawn from a growing database of experience or can be created from scratch by the planning team. As the plan develops and conditions change, DSTM allows any new information or activities to be included in real-time, ensuring that all team members are aware of the changes and any new priorities.


Personalised Interface!


DSTM provide a number of different levels of access enabling the various owners of the whole plan, each decision step and ultimately each task to have personalised views of their own activity and how that fits within the overall plan. Individual and overall planning progress is graphically displayed which clearly shows which steps are causing issues and which are moving ahead on schedule

The DSTM System

From Complex Strategy to Visual Implementation

Trusted Advisors!


DSTM is commonly used with the help of our trusted advisors who can independently help the team create and agree an initial plan and can subsequently monitor implementation of the plan through the web.

DSTM Benefits!

The key benefits of DSTM for an organisation can be summarised as below:


– Can be used as a focus for management & owners to address key issues in the business.

– Enables the creation of a robust strategy with minimum impact on time

– Is a focus for agreement on USP and goals as well as the strategy to move from one to the other

– Is interactive and visual so all can be involved in the process through communication

– Stops strategy staying in the boardroom – it follows the business out

– Enables management/owners to view progress on agreed strategy and identify issues before they become obstacles

– Enables advisors to track progress and to pre-empt/address key issues in advice sessions

– Enables implementers to track progress of whole organisation and celebrate success

– Provides rolling approach to strategy delivery so that it remains continuously live rather than historic and worthless