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What is Enterprise Competence Based Management?

ETMS software enables you to bring effective Competency Based Management to all employees within the organisation, via job selection and assessment processes, career development and learning tools, performance management and career planning systems. Built around a common, competency architecture, this innovative system of Intranet / Internet enabled tools facilitates the strategic management of the employee life cycle, from recruitment to retirement.

The modules are designed to work with your existing Human Capital (HC) infrastructure. This allows you to evidence your return on investment through strategic competency-based management.

What Does the ECBM Do?

Change the competencies and the profiles are immediately updated. Changes to the profiles flow to the assessments and the interview guides. Competency matches are also updated. This greatly simplifies the management of your competency-based talent management system.

Competency Dictionary

ECBM Comprehensive Competency Dictionary, the flagship product, consists of 64 fully validated behavioral and functional competencies shown to be critical to organisational success. Five levels per competency and the ability to mix and match to suit your organisations needs yields millions of combinations to meet any requirement. Designed for a variety of large and small private and public sector organisations (10 to 30,000+ employee base), this dictionary has been developed from over 30 years of experience in the field of competency-based Human Capital Management. We can also design your own bespoke competencies.

Competency Profiles

The Competency Library enables you to view all the job profiles within the tool. The profiler displays all the skills, accountabilities and competencies attached to that profile, by proficiency level. Each proficiency level comes with a detailed list of the behavioral indicators that are required to function in that job.

Employee Profiles

Managers can see all of their employees’ assessments, learning plans and performance reviews from their home page. Employees can see their own plans and assessments as well as a complete list of their validated competencies.

Competency Assessments

This module allows the employee to self-assess against the competency profiles for his current job or future jobs within his / her desired career path. Similarly, managers can conduct employee assessments and share these results with their employees to determine strengths and development gaps in competency.

ECBM also supports 360 degree assessments (employee, manager, peers, employee’s employees) allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of employees and leaders. Results are reported by competency group in terms of Competency Strengths and Competency Gaps and then are presented in more detail for each competency (by performance / behavioral indicator) to allow for a more detailed and diagnostic assessment of the employee’s competencies. Ratings can also be supported by comments and examples to demonstrate why particular ratings have been given.

Learning Plans

The Learning Plan Manager gives Users the opportunity to develop a PERSONALISED LEARNING PLAN based on an Assessment, and gives both the User and Manager the ability to monitor and assess progress against targeted learning and development objectives.

Performance Management

This module facilitates effective performance planning, evaluation and development through MUTUAL ACCESS and INPUT into an employee’s performance. The Performance Plan encourages open communication between the Manager and the employee throughout the review period, as the plan may be amended or modified as necessary during the course of the year. A Performance log can be used to record the progressive discipline process or progress against goals.