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Welcome to Jasper Global Corporation U.K. If you need our Parent Organisation then please click the  HQ-JGC link above. Jasper Global Corporation are an international Human Capital Performance Improvement Company.

How do we define Human Capital?

Human capital is a measure of the economic value of an employee’s skill set. This measure builds on the basic production input of labour measure where all labour is thought to be equal. The concept of human capital recognises that not all labour is equal and that the quality of employees can be improved by investing in them; the education, experience and abilities of employees are seen as having economic value for employers and for the economy as a whole.

Improvement science is about finding out how to improve and make changes in the most effective way. It is about systematically examining the methods and factors that best work to facilitate quality improvement.

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

Jasper Global [Jasper Global Corporation or JGC], is a dynamic global operating company, delivering innovative Human Capital and Knowledge Management consultancy and training solutions to leading international clients. JGC share a common goal, to convert their professional knowledge, problem solving abilities and business insight, into customised management and business solutions, which create real advantage and value for our clients.

JGC is the acronym for our umbrella parent organisation Jasper Global Corporation [JGC] with offices in London – Dubai and Singapore – Hong Kong, offering a range of Human Capital & Knowledge Management consultancy & training solutions.

Delivered through our subsidiary brands of Jasper International Academy and Jasper International Consulting, Our company operates in some of the largest global operating sectors which includes Oil, and Petrochemicals, Gas and Energy, Vocational and Higher Education, Health and Social Care, Banking, Securities and Investment, Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills, Management, Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills, Food Beverage Hospitality and Tourism and many more providing training and business consultancy services across a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

As a company we focus on two main areas Human Capital Development and Improvement Science, the idea being that these two areas are inextricably linked to an organizations and a society’s prosperity.

Placed at the center of our business philosophy is People, Ecology, Ethics and Profit and in all organisations and societies at some point these areas are often in conflict with one-another (doing the right thing morally and doing the right thing for your profits will always create a dilemma).

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

We therefore apply Six principal values which underpin all the work we undertake for our clients across all of the sectors we operate in:

  • Our Professionals are:  Reliable, Honest, Knowledgeable, Informative, Experts and Masters in their Fields.
  • Our Responsiveness is:  Engaging, Consultative, Adaptable, Flexible, and Committed.
  • Our Collaborative nature:  Independently Thinking, Friendly, Open, Transparent, Supportive, and Inclusive.
  • Our Ambitions are:  Challenging, Motivating, Creative, Innovative, Developing, and Driven by Purpose.
  • Our People are:  Diverse, Global Operating, Multi-cultural, Multi-sector, Multi-disciplinary and with Mutual Respect.
  • Our Team is:  Supportive of each other and work together, which fosters a caring approach in everything we do.

We invest heavily in ensuring our team are fully trained, professional and consistent to enable them to deliver a first class service inline with our internal principle values.

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

Our ‘Corporate Governance’ Philosophy

Corporate governance is by definition the system of rules, practices and processes by which our company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of the many stakeholders we have in our company – these include its shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community we serve and any others that fall within our aspirations.

Since corporate governance also provides the framework for attaining our company’s objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from our action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

| Strategy | Accomplishment and Adaptation |

“Value System Design is different from, yet complementary to, incremental improvement methods. VSD starts with specifying exactly what a service needs to look like in the future if it is going to provide improved safety, quality, delivery and affordability. It then builds the design directly to meet that required specification – without error or waste – and from that a planned series of logical, rational, measurable and manageable steps. Through this process the specification is assured before the service is even launched.”

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

Does your business have the skills it needs to succeed in a fast paced changing market place and environment? Can you nurture talent, adapt and build the workforce of the future, boost your staff motivation and increase productivity and profitability? In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment companies must innovate in all areas of the business and to do that they need skilled people.

Jasper Global Corporation U.K

Jasper Global Corporation U.K