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Senior Corporate Leadership Team

Dr Marshall Potts Chairman – CEO

Professionally an international human capital management business and leadership consultant with a background in organisational and occupational psychology. Marshall is the Chairman and Principle of Jasper Global Corporation Headquartered in Dominica, an International Business and Leadership Group with offices in the UK,  Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is a dedicated management and business development specialist with extensive experience of Human Capital and Knowledge Management, Organizational and Personal Development and has over thirty years experience in the Commercial, Public and Higher Educational Sectors.

Over the years Marshall has had ongoing relationships with some prestigious Universities in the UK including Durham (Graduate Testing), York (Leadership Healthcare), Nottingham (Stress & Mental Toughness), and Leicester (NHS Medical School Commissioning of Post Graduate Medical Education). He has over twenty years experience of running Senior Management Leadership Development Programmes both in industrial / commercial and public sectors. He is very skilled, and a specialist in Competence Based Management Systems (both developing competencies and methodologies, and the assessment processes) including the deployment systems.

His experience extends to a wide-ranging knowledge of leadership and management development models, including technical competencies and performance management systems design and improvement. He is a specialist in social and organizational engagement research, systems thinking, improvement science and knowledge management. Along with leadership skill, he believes an understanding of these areas is critical in any organization faced with the considerable challenges of transformational change and disruption. Marshall has an extensive range of practical experiences and skills around personal and organisational development. Specifically experienced in behavioural based risk management, a little known but an important aspect in business excellence dedicated to preventing unintended events from taking place.

Marshall is the Chief Architect of Jasper Global and he is supported by a great team of gifted Business Systems and Knowledge Engineering Experts.


Dr Greg Samways International Director of Systems

Dr. Greg Samways is professionally a Consultant Petroleum Geologist, a trainer and knowledge manager, currently offering technical consultancy and training worldwide on a range of upstream subjects from exploration to reservoir modelling and field management. In recent years, his interest has focused more and more on the capture and dissemination of best practices, which lead him to create the “Workflow Pro” process mapping, knowledge management and competence development tool.

Environmental Scientist: Greg has also researched extensively on coastal processes (as part of the UK-based Land-Ocean-Interaction-Study; LOIS), including investigating the potential for carbon and nutrient storage in coastal depositional systems during sea-level rise.

Greg brings a clarity and focus to our work at Jasper,  his years of providing technical petroleum geoscience consultancy, project management and professional training services to major international clients worldwide has given Greg a great insight into business practices, across a range of companies and cultures. This insight has enabled Greg to contribute significantly to the strategic development of Jasper and to our sister companies also to the products, systems and services that we at Jasper offer.


Greg Samways

Cara Samways International Commercial Director

Cara is Jasper’s International Commercial Director and has many years experience in this area, having previously been Commercial Director/Company Secretary for a large international consultancy company, with Head Offices in the UK.   Responsible for the commercial operations across the globe, Cara was also instrumental in setting up and staffing the offices in the Middle East and the USA, and developing local relationships.  Cara’s experience includes contract negotiations and re-negotiations with major worldwide oil companies, such as BG, BP, Eni, LASMO, Marathon, Nimir, PDO, Schlumberger and Shell, and managing relationships with partner companies and external suppliers.

Cara utilises her experience across Jasper Global Corporation with a special focus on the development of commercial services


Cara Samways

May Surgeoner MA International Operations Director

May Surgeoner is our International Marketing Director with extensive expertise in Government Funded Business Development. May will share her knowledge and experience across the group but will have a special focus on the development of business services in Sub-Saharan Africa.May brings extensive experience of the education sector having spent 9 years with University for Industry (Ufi / learndirect), the world’s largest Government Funded E-learning Organisation. In her position as Operations Director for Individuals, she was responsible for the delivery of employability and basic skills qualifications throughout the UK through a 700 strong supply chain and a contract delivery target value in the region of £75m – and with a direct accountable budget of £25m. Aligned with this delivery was planning, commissioning , managing and motivating supply chains to deliver to target. In the last year May’s role at Ufi was Head of Government Accounts which included bidding for Government Funded Tenders in the Skills and Welfare Sectors.

Prior to Ufi, May worked in the NHS, Local Government and for a variety of commercial organisations. In South Africa she was responsible for the services of SAFTO (South African Foreign Trade Organisation) across the Western Cape and Namibia. May holds a MA in Marketing and Diplomas in International Marketing and Management as well as E-learning Management. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A specific area of expertise is developing a supply chain for delivering e-learning she was responsible for the supply chain modelling of Ufi’s expansion into 37 prisons of all categories across the UK as well as integrating e-learning into client training programmes and other client journeys such as welfare to work. Public Service Review published an article written by May which asks whether e-learning in prisons can play a significant role in re-building the lives of offenders.Born in South Africa, May is particularly interested in using her expertise to bring better employability opportunities and basic skills development to indigenous populations through e-learning in order to improve their life chances.


May Surgeoner

Specialists Advisory Team

Dr. Farida Virani

Dr. Farida Virani is Jasper Global Corporations Specialist Advisor in Applied and Fundamental Ethics she has a rich experience of around two decades. Her expertise ranges in various areas like research, consulting, business and public service activities. She has gained a respectable reputation as an academician and a corporate trainer. She is keenly interested in various areas of ‘Ethics’ both fundamental and applied. Dr. Virani believes in ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ and looks for opportunities to translate this management practice into theory and vice versa.

Dr Virani’s core areas of expertise are related to Human Resource Management particularly in the ‘Education Sector’. With a PhD in the Management of Education and an experienced Director of HR at the National Board with the Agakhan Education Services and thereafter as a Consultant and Director in charge of a Management Institute in Mumbai. She also holds a recently appointed position as Head of HR at MET Business School. Dr. Virani has a strong grounding in best practise, that is focused on helping achieve ‘excellence’ in educational institutes.


Dr. Farida Virani

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