Is there such a thing as an ‘Out of Control’ company?


Is there such a thing as an ‘out of control’ company? defines ‘out of control’ as:

Not under management or direction; unmanageable or wild.

The first term uses control in the sense of “restraint,” a usage dating from the late 1500s; the variant ‘out of hand’ uses hand in the sense of “power” or “authority,” and dates from the late 1800s.

We know that forest fires, debts, children and even budgets can reach the stage of being ‘out of control’ but what about companies?

Well, perhaps they can and in most cases restraint, or a lack of, appears to be the key. Read More >>>>>>>>>>>>

Is your Neighbour Corrupt? Would you Know?


Is your Neighbour Corrupt? Would you know?

Is it our imagination or do we seem to be awash with corruption at the moment?

And no, we are not talking about shady South American drug cartels, we’re talking about supposedly legitimate businesses that buy from our Governments and supply our public services.

A new study by RAND Europe and posted by Marino Donati in Ethics, Procurement, Public sector, Risk said the annual total cost of corruption in Europe is as much as €990bn (£780bn). This is what it looks like: £780,000,000,000 and considering that there are 508m people living in the EU that equates to about £1525 per person. Frightening isn’t it? Read More >>>>>>>>>>>>

Would it be useful to study Psychopaths at the Stock Exchange?


Would it be useful to study Psychopaths at the Stock Exchange?

Well maybe, given the chaos in the financial services sector since 2008, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland and many more.

Jasper Global Corporation

The size of the damage done is incalculable and the financial tab picked up by governments unprecedented, so is there a case for corporate business and state financial murder? Well, we know that there is a case that, had auditors and regulators done their job properly many CEO’s and Chairmen from this sector would now be in prison.

Jasper Global Corporation

Let’s say you are the Chairman of one of the largest financial institutes in the world with assets of $638 billion and you need to employ a new Chief Executive. Your number one candidate seems to have all the requisite skills, is charming, smart and has all of the right answers to your questions, problem solved – right? Hang on though wouldn’t you want to know if you were about to employ a Psychopath. Well there are many examples out there of this having happened and is still happening. We would like to believe that if we met someone who was completely without conscience and someone who was capable of doing anything in order to serve their purpose or to get them what they wanted, you could spot it.


No not necessarily.

Jasper Global Corporation

In popular imagery of the psychopath we think of the likes of Hannibal Lecter or the Moors Murderers but in reality many psychopaths just want money, power, fame or a nice car.

Psychopaths – Narcissists or Sociopaths – lets just summarize the differences.

Every Psychopath is Narcissistic – Not Every Narcissist is a Psychopath

Narcissism is a DISORDER of SELF-ESTEEM, the two triggers being SHAME and GUILT !!!!!

Psychopaths DON’T FEEL and they are BORN that way.

Sociopaths are the SAME AS PSYCHOPATHS the difference is they ARE MADE not BORN that way!!

Narcissism is clinically defined as having up to 9 CHARACTERISTICS and everyone has 1 or 2, however if you are diagnosed as having more than 5 you are classified as having a PERSONALITY DISORDER. Read More >>>>>>>>>>>>

21st Century Auditing for 21st Century Auditing Failures


Headline: 21st Century auditing for 21st Century auditing failures or using technology to transform Auditing

Now being used by many organisations and having recently presented to 350 leaders of Japanese auditing, the case for change to an auditing approach that audits and identifies risks of the real-world.

Using evidence collection and analysis software programmes that are specifically designed for the purpose and delivered over the internet provide the real way forward.

There have certainly been some stunning system and process failures over the last few years. From Deepwater Horizon to Fukushima Power Plant to Toyota to Staffordshire hospital, where the subsequent Francis inquiry found ‘shocking’ failures in care as the hospital focused on cutting costs and hitting government targets’. To you and me, that’s the inappropriate use of ‘lean’, using a closed system quality technique to manage an open system. Read More >>>>>>>>>>>>

Climate and Culture, Business, Management and Leadership


Leadership, the Productive and Moral Application of Influence (stop talking about culture and start thinking about climate)

Can you feel a culture; well I would like to believe that you can feel a climate which impacts upon and creates an organization’s culture? We often hear the rhetoric around leadership, engagement, values and being humanistic but do we really understand what this means? We believe at Jasper that you can walk into a company and feel its climate DNA or an organisations personality, and in any change programme no matter what the primary objective for this shift, we need to start with “Change What to What”? Read More >>>>>>>>>>>>