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We have two main modes of delivery through our Academy:

Firstly open and in-company tutor led delivery. Secondly through our Virtual Learning Environment. Our courses include basic, intermediate and advanced business studies.

Our in-company training can be customized to the requirements of each customer through our exclusive Pre-Training and Consultancy Assessment process, so that we can deliver training or consultancy that meets the customer’s needs both in terms of content and scheduling.

All participants in our courses receive a quality course manual, copies of the overheads, and a set of useful forms questionnaires and checklists.

We are capable of delivering our courses or consultancy projects in any location in the world, all courses and project consultancy are delivered in English.

What is the Jasper International Virtual Learning Academy UK?

The Jasper Global Corporation Virtual Learning Academy is a global platform that delivers UK recognised educational awards and qualifications for international students in an innovative way using web enabled virtual learning technology and high quality, proven learning materials. It has been designed to provide cost effective 100% online virtual-learning solutions for professional career development, acquiring practical business skills and learning for personal development.

If you have never used virtual-learning before then consider this:

Virtual-learning has been embraced by thousands of companies and millions of individuals across the globe for self-learning. Most learners are experiencing successful outcomes using the latest technology. This is especially so when deployed as part of a wider business or personal professional development strategy. Virtual-learning can be deployed cost effectively and efficiently whilst offering a wide choice of topics. The quality of content, pedagogy and technology deliver a rich interactive learning experience which allows the learner to embrace the topic at a pace that suits them while adapting to different learning styles: a win-win situation.

The prospectus of qualifications and courses is created by specialists in their field and are all certificated, which means that learners get acknowledgement of their learning achievement.

Our Approach

Jasper International takes a slightly different approach to performance based skills development using competency modelling techniques.

For those organisations that are facing road blocks with a current competency initiative or looking for an accelerated implementation of a new competency program, or maybe you are trying to strategically align competency initiatives with business strategy, or perhaps linking competency systems directly to work outputs, customer requirements and performance goals.  Maybe you are not a large organization and need a system with is simple and effective.

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